Clear Acrylic Neon Sign

Neon Signs have been long regarded as vintage, or classic statements of high end forms of advertising. Many people often associate neon signs with famous locations such as Times Square, or the Las Vegas strip. Additionally, many people may come across neon signs in places like their favorite bar and restaurant, or in high fashion industries. However, why would we stop there when we can utilize neon signs to spice up  party decor, living spaces, or business store fronts?

Neon signs are an extravagant way to make a cost efficient, advertising and display choice. The options for design, shape and size are endless. Neon benders use fire and glass as the essential tools to bend and shape the intricate designs we often see and admire. Furthermore, they can create specified logos, and text styles that can be classified as an an elite, handmade form of art.

Neon signs, as beautiful as they’re also last an average of seven to ten years before they require a transformer change, which are the tubes that keep the sign brightly illuminated. Therefore, the maintenance for indoor neon signs are extremely minimal. Outdoor neon signs may require some extra protection from sun rays, rain and dust. In this case, clear, acrylic boxes are used to shelter the neon sign in such a way that the beauty of it is not stripped away. They allow the illumination properties to remain bright. Also, often people will use neon signs as a light fixture, which will also still be possible with the acrylic boxes. Essentially, acrylic boxes are a simple addition to a neon sign, that allows the lifespan of it to extend significantly.

At Sam’s Signs, customers often request this outdoor signage to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their store fronts. They report that it invites a larger audience and creates a professional, yet artistic ambiance. Let us help you develop your brand in a creative, cost efficient way.

Clear Acrylic Neon Sign

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