A Frames

Often times, business owners, and retail providers seek easy, affordable advertising and brand display. The goal is to reach a large, target audience, and attract new customers.

We may notice sidewalk displays as we walk through our favorite downtown city areas, and we briefly stop to read what the message states. Whether it says “sale on entire store,” or “new cinnamon almond milk coffee,”  sidewalk signs are able to attract walking pedestrians efficiently. Sidewalk signs are better known in the professional world as A Frames, or Sandwich Boards.  They’re both easy to install, and store, and their use is not limited to outdoor display alone. Restaurants, or cafe’s will display their menu, or specials inside using A frames.

A frames are created from a heavy duty plastic material, or powder coated metal. The digital media graphics posted on the sign are weather resistant, and with proper storing can be preserved for a long time. The sign is incredibly durable and within seconds, you begin to advertise your business. As soon as your business nears closing hours, all you need to do is fold your A frame sign, and store it for the next business day. Its that simple.

A Frames

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