R&S overhead garage door is a business founded in 1963 by Robert Smith. R&S began servicing and installing commercial grade garage doors. In due time, the company began to offer residential services and a full line of products that commenced with the expansion of locations. R&S employees are committed to great customer service and workmanship.

Sam’s Signs had the honor of attending the funeral of Mr. Smith. We appreciated the warm vibes and the loving spirit of the R&S team during the funeral services.  Mr. Smith’s growing business and team continue strong and have been providing for customers worldwide. Sam’s Signs was blessed with the opportunity to help increase the mobile advertising range for his company. With a fleet of about 70 vehicles over the span of a few years, Sam’s Signs has installed vehicle adhesives to R&S trucks. Mobile advertising reaches a vast audience, even those in a rush, or quite literally on the go. R&S has branded itself well, so its logos have become further familiarized by more people. Their coverage is extensive in the Bay Area, and Sam’s Signs has been more than willing to extend our services in support of their growth.


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