Neon Signs

More commonly associated with the 1950’s neon signs were used as an advertising solution for many companies. This vintage signage has withstood the test of time and continues to be one of the most eye catching, and inviting forms of advertising. For instance, have you ever visited Las Vegas, California? Las Vegas is famous for their strip, a shopping and tourist attraction that remains lit with the vibrancy and illumination of Neon and LED Signs, especially at night. Neon signs are capable of setting a retro, night life vibe, and easily becomes a means of attracting a large walking, or driving audience.

Although neon signs may perhaps be considered a dying trade, its vintage aesthetic is not one to be passed up. It’s especially suited for signage that is associated with hot rods and classic cars, beer, poker, billiards, clubs, diner food and so on. A few familiar brands you may recognize with signature neon signage are Budweiser Harley-Davidson, Ford, and Chevrolet. Sam’s Signs is a  local outlet that will help you create your own custom neon designs at a great price and with outstanding quality. Ask us about our warranty policy as well. We’ll be glad to help.


Neon Signs

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