Blade Signs

Dating back to nearly the 14th century, blade signs happen to be the original pub or retail signs. Blade signs are attached to a surface perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic and are capable of attracting foot traffic. Often we may notice that as commercial business districts become more densely populated, there becomes a lot more competition for customers.  A technique retail shop owners use to attract pedestrian traffic is to install larger and lower hanging signs. Additionally, some shops may be sandwiched inside little plazas, and there is no way to identify them without proper directory. In this case, blade signs may incorporate arrows and become effective at guiding traffic to the right place.

Blade signs may be illuminated externally, or internally. This option is popular for pubs, or night clubs that want to add extra appeal and visibility to their signs during PM hours. External lighting may come from goose-neck lights, whereas internal lighting may come from LED’s. Ultimately, blade signs are affordable, low maintenance signs that elaborate store fronts by interrupting pedestrian flow perpendicularly.  Whether you choose to attract customers by name , color, or unique shape, blade signs are very welcoming and a useful tool for branding your company’s name.





Blade Signs

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