Illuminated Industry

Illuminated displays allow your advertising and informational messages to become readable in any setting and any lighting.With illuminated signs, you basically become able to spotlight your sign day and night. Illumination occurs in 3 varieties, front lit, halo lit (back lit), and dual lit, all of which provide extensive visibility from  a respectable distance.

Front lit is the most common channel letter type, often used in shopping plazas and malls. As the name implies, illumination is emitted from the front face of the letters. Halo lit signs use LED’s, or neons to illuminate the wall surface, giving the sign a halo effect. This gives companies a very distinguished, or modern appeal. Dual lite signs contain illumination from both the front and back, granting the most visibility, especially during PM hours.

As the holiday season closely approaches, Sam’s Signs is offering a seasonal promotion until the end of December. All illuminated channel letters will be up to 10-20% off regular price. Sam’s Signs offers blue prints, custom designs, permits, manufacturing, installation and servicing all under the same roof. In this regards, we may fulfill all your signage needs and make the process of completion quicker. Allow us to help brand your company and give you an advantage on your local competition.



Illuminated Industry

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