Pole Signs

Your company may choose to change the face of their pole signs due to new ownership, or the development of a new logo. Perhaps however, your company would prefer to purchase new pole signs all together. Nonetheless, both options can optimize and enhance the visibility and professional appeal of your business. Outdoor pole signs are an ideal way to identify occupants of office buildings, wholesale businesses, or shopping centers. They draw attention from distances, perhaps even from nearby freeways. The design and height of these signs vary depending on the type of pole sign, whether they’re 3D, or double sided. Pole signs perform well at attracting a large external audience. We often associate pole signs with familiar brands like specific gas stations, or hotels.

When choosing the design of your pole sign you may opt for non illuminated, or illuminated through ground lighting, or an internal light. Choosing the right color and designs to represent your company name is essential to your branding. Sam’s Signs is able to help create custom designs, or further develop your own designs to help create the most ideal company image for your business. 


Pole Signs

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