Business Miles

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Jack Lee, from the Synthetic Grass Warehouse in Anaheim, California contacted our business and inquired about purchasing new building signs. Mr. Lee informed us that he would fly out to Hayward, where he intended to establish a second branch to his warehouse. His hopes were that he could schedule a business meeting there. We were thrilled about networking with a customer from miles away and agreed to send one of our representatives to their new warehouse in Hayward.

Most of the discussion in Hayward revolved around pricing, designing, and the timing of completion. The process to complete their signage took roughly a week, and fortunately Mr. Lee was happy with our services and our product.

Although Sam’s Signs is central to the Bay Area, we are more than willing to serve customers from a distance. Any customer is a happy deal, and we’re currently focused on practicing outreach and networking with our customers and followers through social media. We would love to hear feedback from our customers, and keep them updated with our newest and most exciting projects.

Business Miles

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